James Bond arrested for death threats


Bond, 43, who lives on Winthrop Street, reportedly got into an argument with his neighbor, who lives in the 3300 block of Claudia Court at about 2 p.m. The two neighbors share a fence that separates their backyards. Bond was reportedly upset about the fence and threatened to cut it down with a chainsaw, Cerletti said.

He then reportedly threatened to shoot the neighbor, an elderly man, and said he had an assault rifle in his house.

Somebody called police to report the disturbance and several people told officers they had heard Bond threaten his neighbor.

Officers arrested Bond and, during a search of his house, they allegedly found an illegal assault rifle, which they confiscated.

Police had already been alerted to Bond's alleged temper following an incident Friday in which he reportedly entered the Concord Police Department and threatened to shoot police after they declined to repeal a parking citation, Cerletti said.

He was not armed at the time and police did not believe it was a credible threat, so they let him go, Cerletti said.

"You have to make an allowance for human nature," Cerletti said. Bond remained in custody today at the Martinez Detention Facility on suspicion of making threats to kill and possession of an assault weapon, a county jail official said. His bail was set at $175,000.

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