Bizarre gas thefts in Daly City


Daly City police said someone has hit the Junipero Serra parking garage twice, once on Tuesday of this week and Wednesday of last week. The garage is located close to the Century 20 movie theatres.

Police say the thief drilled a hole into the gas tanks of two SUVs and stole the gas. The first time it was a Chevy Silverado pick up truck, the second hit was on a Jeep Liberty SUV - that time the thief got scared off and left a bucket of gas just sitting there.

Some drivers are not shocked to hear this - they think it is the gas prices that are shocking.

"I can imagine someone wanting to do that, but the prices are crazy, so how do you do it? It's $5, almost $5 for a gallon it's crazy. I had to put $30 in for a quarter of a tank, so it's crazy," said Mark Lee, Daly City.

This comes on the heels of several other gas thefts in the Bay Area. In April, the /*Second Harvest Food Bank*/ was targeted; they lost 200 gallons of gas that was taken from their deliver trucks. In San Jose last week, thieves poked holes in the gas tanks of two delivery vans off of Winchester Boulevard.

There have been a total of 10 reports of /*gas thefts*/ in San Jose. Police in Daly City are just shaking their heads - they can't believe this has happened. They say it's a wonder that the thief or thieves didn't kill themselves because using drills around gas is not the safest idea. They also said that if someone is really determined to get that gas, then there is really little that they can do about it.

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