Keep your skin healthy while traveling

Tips for protecting your skin when traveling, from Mary Thé :

More and more people choose to travel by air. Do you have any tips on what people can do to help their skin and ensure their comfort while traveling by air?

Here are some tips:

-- Will your flight take more than 3 hours? Avoid dryness by using a few drops of Connective Tissue serum every 2 hours or so, on top of what ever you are wearing on your skin. This is quite popular among flight attendants.

-- If you have very dry skin, spray with L'Eauxygénante spray to seal and keep the skin hydrated. This is not an ordinary water spray!

-- Bring a small container of Vicks VapoRub. A must have for long flights, to avoid drying the nostrils and bloody noses. It smells fresh, much better than the smell of the circulated air in the plane.

-- Are you packing a different wardrobe for the climate of your destination? Then, you will need to prepare a different skin care routine too. This is often overlooked.

-- Do you expect that the water at your destination will be too hard or smell bad? When in doubt, have bottled water ready for your face and for brushing your teeth.

-- While traveling, remember your face is the first calling card you present to the world. Are you prepared to honor it?

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