Ask FactCheck: Week ending May 2

May 2, 2008

Q: What percent of taxes does the top 1 percent pay and what percent of the income do they make?
A: The top 1 percent of all households got 18 percent of all personal income and paid nearly 28 percent of all federal taxes in 2005, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The top 1 percent now pay a significantly larger share of taxes than before President Bush's tax cuts, and also have a larger share of income.

Q: Would raising the capital gains tax rate hit the middle class?
A: More than 80 percent of all capital gains income went to those making more than $200,000 a year in 2006. Very few making under $50,000 would be affected by any increase in the top capital gains rate.

Q: What percentage of North Carolina's population is African American?
A: In 2006, African Americans made up 21 percent of North Carolina's total population. As of April 28, they also represent 21 percent of the state's registered voters and 38 percent of registered Democrats.

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