Oakland car fire reveals body in trunk


Oakland homicide investigators are still in the early stages of this investigation, but they're trying to figure out how the burned body wound up in the car and how it may have gotten there.

This all began to unfold at 12:30 am Tuesday morning. Officers were at the scene for almost four hours. It began with a phone call from a nearby resident reporting a car fire.

Firefighters arrived on the scene to find a car in flames on top of the railroad tracks. Inside, they found a burned body in what police say was a 2007 Mazda car. It all occurred around 50th and East Eighth Avenue in Oakland.

Police say at this point, the body was so badly burned, they're not sure if it's a man or woman. The coroner was called in.

The area itself where the car was found is an industrial section of Oakland and surrounded by several storage and warehouse units. The car was found on the tracks where Amtrak runs. Police say that train service was not disrupted at all. In fact, things are back to normal out at the scene.

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