Turn supermarket flowers into a masterpiece

The first thing you should consider prior to selecting your flowers is to know what container to place them in.

-- Will you be using a floral foam?

-- Are you planning to just place the flowers in a vase filled with water?
-- Do you not have time to select the flowers and go straight for the ready-made flowers section?

-- Look at the size of the vase and this will help you determine how much flowers to buy.

Selecting your flowers

-- Select flowers with the colors of your choice and ones you love (ex: roses, dahlias, hydrangea etc.)

-- Look for texture (flowers that have certain uniqueness about them either by color, the texture of the petals (fuzzy, course, or silky smooth), or even the natural design of the flowers.

-- Think of selecting flowers that replace the typically green leaves such as lemon leaves that you see on almost all grocery store bought flowers. Some examples are green hydrangea, green button mums, hypericum berries or eucalyptus berries just to name a few.

-- Pre-made floral bunches - If you have to purchase the already made bunches of flowers - see steps below on how to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Steps for creating
These steps can be used with either a foam filled vase or vase filled with water.

-- Cut stems to desired length (this will be determine by how tall /short is your vase)

-- Start by cutting the largest flowers you have (this will help you to determine the overall look of your arrangement)

-- Place green floral or berries on the edge of the vase to mimic leaves and adds texture.

-- Continue to fill your vase with the flowers you purchased. Keep in mind that when you cluster flowers together (grouping in bunches), it gives the look of a professional design floral arrangements.

Did you just purchase a pre-wrap bundle of flowers and now you wish you would have spent an extra 5 minutes and create something special?
No worries... here are simple steps on how to "re-wrap" the already pre-made floral arrangement you just bought from the grocery store.

-- *Take a beautifully designed wrapping paper, cut into a square (approx 24" x 24").

-- Take cellophane paper and cut into a square ( approx: 20" x 20").

-- Place the cellophane paper in the center of the wrapping paper ( this will help to protect the paper from absorbing water from the flowers stems).

-- Remove the store bought wrapping and place flowers in the center of the paper

-- Fold the bottom of the paper over ( cradling the stems) and do the same with the side of the paper till you fully wrap the flowers only leaving the top open so the top of the flowers are showing.

-- Take a vintage or regular satin ribbon and tie the wrapping paper creating a bouquet.

*You can also use regular household parchment paper instead of wrapping paper. By using unique ribbons to tie your bouquet, it creates a "chic" one of a kind look.

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