El Dorado fire is 60 percent contained

May 15, 2008 6:59:51 PM PDT
If Thursday is any indication, we could be in for a long and intense fire season. The heat is fueling several fires in surrounding the Bay Area. There was an aerial attack against a wildfire in El Dorado County. An air tanker dropped flame retardant near the Sierra Springs neighborhood in Pollock Pines, off Highway 50. There were several homes evacuated.

The evacuation order for several homes earlier in the day, surrounding the El Dorado County fire, was lifted early this evening as fire fighters gained control.

Helicopters and fire crews were in and out of the area all day. One firefighter said they would be out there all night, but they have made progress on the fire. Around midday Thursday, the fire was not contained, yet by the evening CAL Fire said the fire was contained to a 30 acre area.

Some neighborhoods are in the mop up stage. The fire already came threw the area, the fire was contained, and they're trying to make sure it stays that way.

Some homes were threatened, but no damage to homes or buildings have been reported.

One man decided to stay home, despite flames creeping up just a few feet from his house.

"I feel comfortable, I wouldn't worry a bit. I'd go to bed right now without a problem. They're doing a good job," said a resident in the area.

"The wind is always the stuff. The access out here is sometimes very difficult. We have narrow roads, overgrowth areas, steep driveways. Those sorts of things always hinder us," says a CAL Fire firefighter.

There were 40-60 homes that were threatened, but that evacuation order has been lifted.