5 positive ways to get your kids to listen

Susan Kohl's tips

-- Speak respectfully, even your child is angry. Apologize when you use an inappropriate tone.

-- Acknowledge the feelings behind what they're saying, before correcting the tone "I see your upset, but I can't listen to you when you're screaming."

-- Coach younger children to express feelings "You can say you're angry, but you can't call me names."

-- Insist that children change a disrespectful tone or you won't be able to respond.

-- Sometimes childiren are angry, work on the relationship in addition to the words.

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About Susan Kohl:

Susan Isaacs Kohl has been collecting inspiring stories of parental growth and change for several decades. Her first book, The Inner Parent, co-authored with Marti Keller highlights the perspectives of real-world parents at various stages of development.

As a parent educator, seminar leader and author, Ms. Kohl encourages people to credit themselves for their learning and accomplishments as parents. She encourages parents to applaud their abilities to gain insight and develop the skills to bring out their children's best qualities.

Kohl wants to reverse our current tendencies to criticize parents and to use the stories she gathers to galvanize respect and support for the challenges people face. Susan Kohl has written five books for parents and numerous articles. She has also appeared on radio and TV including the Today Show. She has three children: Matthew, 33; Gabrielle 31 and Mari 25. Her two grandchildren, Malachi and Lila, attend the preschool she directs in Lafayette, California.

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