Affordable summer activities for kids

May 21, 2008 6:38:10 PM PDT
Summer vacation is just around the corner and keeping the kids busy and entertained can be hazardous to your nerves and bank account. Charlene Prince Birkeland, the Yahoo! Shine Parenting Editor, shares some helpful and inexpensive ideas to keep the summer filled with fun for the kids and you.

Suggestions below are children ages 5 -10 years old:

  • Explore free and low-cost programs at your local library and community centers

  • Take advantage of free days at local museums and zoo, usually a day during the first week of the month

  • Create a week of summer camp at home or "progressive play dates" with fun themes

  • Get outside!

  • Take field trips using public transportation like BART and Caltrain and stop in cities with parks near the train station

  • Road trips to the coast to check out tide pools or take the kids fishing at Lake Merced

  • Have a supply of "I'm bored" projects and games on hand

    Products/activities discussed in this segment:

  • Draw on the sidewalk using Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, $4.99 at Toys"R"Us

  • Paint the fence and house with water with Jumbo Pail, $1.99, Toys"R"Us, and assorted paintbrushes and a roller starting at $1.99, Home Depot or at your local hardware or craft store

  • Let the kids become video/photo journalists for the summer: $99.99 for 30-minutes of recording time online at FlipVideo or at Toys"R"Us, Best Buy

  • Build mini ice sculptures

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