Affordable summer activities for kids

Suggestions below are children ages 5 -10 years old:

  • Explore free and low-cost programs at your local library and community centers

  • Take advantage of free days at local museums and zoo, usually a day during the first week of the month

  • Create a week of summer camp at home or "progressive play dates" with fun themes

  • Get outside!

  • Take field trips using public transportation like BART and Caltrain and stop in cities with parks near the train station

  • Road trips to the coast to check out tide pools or take the kids fishing at Lake Merced

  • Have a supply of "I'm bored" projects and games on hand

    Products/activities discussed in this segment:

  • Draw on the sidewalk using Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, $4.99 at Toys"R"Us

  • Paint the fence and house with water with Jumbo Pail, $1.99, Toys"R"Us, and assorted paintbrushes and a roller starting at $1.99, Home Depot or at your local hardware or craft store

  • Let the kids become video/photo journalists for the summer: $99.99 for 30-minutes of recording time online at FlipVideo or at Toys"R"Us, Best Buy

  • Build mini ice sculptures

    More from Yahoo! Shine Parenting Editor Charlene Prince Birkeland:

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