Sen. John McCain visits Bay Area


But he dropped plans to talk with reporters.

Senator McCain has a reputation of straight talk. But on Thursday, he headed straight for the exit, after talking with business and tech leaders in Union City.

John McCain told technology business leaders he wants to lower corporate taxes, eliminate trade barriers and extend tax credits for research and development.

"The lower the taxes, the better the economy is going to be" said McCain.

McCain added that he has great faith that technology will provide solutions to some of the countries biggest problems.

"I would ask us all to bend our efforts to eliminating dependence of foreign oil, fixing our economy and eliminating greenhouse gases," said McCain.

While McCain talked about his faith in technology, his campaign has been fending off questions about faith of another kind -- McCain's connections to Reverend Ron Parsley.

"Islam is an Anti-Christ religion that intends through violence to conquer the world," said Rev. Parsley.

Campaign aides insist that McCain doesn't share those feelings, but the senator did praise Parsley when he was courting the Christian right wing of the Republican Party.

Another controversy is the manner in which the senator plans to release his long delayed medical records.

In the light of Senator Edward Kennedy's brain tumor diagnosis, there have been mounting questions about McCain's bout with cancer.

So on the day before Memorial Day, a tightly controlled group of reporters will get a three-hour to look at 400 pages of records.

There will be no photo copying, no recording of any kind other than notes and the "New York Times" is not invited.

Stephen Savas is chair of the McCain campaign in Alameda County.

"Is it really an attempt to tamp down the story and keep the information from being disseminated?" asked ABC7's Mark Matthews.

"Well obviously I shouldn't speculate what the purpose of it is, I'm not privy to that," said Savas.

Savas did say he would pass along our questions. McCain took no questions, as he worked the rope line thanking supporters.

Aides say the campaign is expected to raise between $2 and $2 million at a private lunchtime fundraiser at Atherton home of former eBay CEO Meg Whitman.

McCain's campaign says there will be no surprises in the medical records. But McCain's handling of his medical records stands in sharp contrast to what he did eight years ago.

In 2000, he released 1,500 pages of medical records during his campaign for the Republican nomination.

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