Is your husband cheating on you?

Signs your husband might be cheating:

  1. A dramatic change in sexual behavior -- either a loss of interest or a new bag of tricks.
  2. Where the feet point the heart follows -- when we're in sync with our partners, our bodies line up.
  3. Hoarding money or missing money.
  4. Changes in wardrobe.
  5. Picking nonsensical fights -- like which way the toilet paper should go.

What to do:

  • Make sure you know what you're accusing him of before you confront him.
  • Gather the evidence so you have all of the facts.

    Cheating facts:

    • Only 1% of men marry the woman they have an affair with
    • 75% of marriages that begin as affairs will end in divorce
    • 70% of all affairs begin in the workplace
    • In 80% of marriages, at least one partner will have an affair
    • 66% of women whose husbands are cheating dont suspect a thing

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    About Lisa Daily:

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