Girl brain dead after shooting

HIGHLAND PARK, CA The shooting happened Monday outside the Rite Aid store at York Boulevard and Avenue 64 in Highland Park.

Police say a suspected gang member on foot got into an altercation with a man in a car. The pedestrian reportedly fired several shots hitting a 30-year old man in both arms.

A 14-year old girl was struck in the head by a stray bullet.

Witnesses say the girl was simply waiting at a light with her father, mother and younger brother.

"When we came out we saw the family. The little brother and the mother they were full of blood. They had blood on their pants so we knew that there was something serious that had happened," said Andrew Barrera, a witness.

The little girl has been declared brain dead.

Her brother was injured by flying glass, but will be alright. The 30-year-old man who also shot is expected to be okay.

Police say they have a 16-year-old gang member in custody.

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