New cell phone driving laws in July

It is becoming a common scene throughout California as consumers are getting lessons on how their brand new hands free systems will work.

Dr. Donald Kay bought his car on Sunday and had his system installed Monday.

"Number one, the law is changing in July. I don't like traveling with my hand in my ear. I don't like using speaker phones on my seat. It is so much better when a call comes through, it mutes the stereo and I can talk. It is perfect," says Kay.

His system is made by Parrot and it is installed at a cost of about $600.

It's not cheap. However, it's pretty slick and hidden in the ashtray area and sports caller id.

"The typical radio with built in Bluetooth by the time you are said and done you are probably, with parts and labor, under $500," says Hatch Archouniani of Audio Symphony.

"The car kit also detects the amount of noise in the background and actually elevates the sound," says Edward Staehlin, Jr. of Motorola.

I went on a ride with Edward Staehlin, Jr. of Motorola and he showed off the built in car system from his company and it worked great. He also showed me a wired ear bud and a wireless head phone. Costs range from around $10 to a $150 for better sounding high-tech models.

A few Motorola systems can both be clipped to your car's sun visor. Both use Bluetooth wireless. One model, which comes with a speaker installed, costs about $80. Another model has a speaker, but also can play through the car stereo and it sounds great.

The price range for all these headsets is broad, ranging from $10 to $600, and all of them will keep you legal.


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