Coyote attacks increase in Los Gatos


One resident recently told police that a coyote who came into his back yard stared him down and showed no fear of humans.

Just after two coyotes killed a small pet, residents are concerned small animals are getting very desperate and brazen.

"I'm terrified that any child would be harmed by this," said Julie.

Julie saw the coyotes standing on her street as she came home yesterday with her two young children.

"As I turned down the street, the other coyote was standing over the body of my beloved pet," said Julie.

The dog had been a loving member of her family for five years. Since the daylight attack on her pet, she's worried the coyotes could be brazen enough to attack children

"We are keeping everybody in sight taking precautions. Not letting the nanny take her very far and making sure there are multiple adults around," said Julie.

"In my 30 years, we've never had the issue we have this year with coyotes," said Sgt. Tam McCarthy from Los Gatos Police Department.

Los Gatos Police and Santa Clara County Vector Control are concerned about the increasing incidents of coyote sightings and attacks on pets on the neighborhood in just the past two weeks.

There is just about one sighting a day and no one is sure how many coyotes are in the area.

"When we started, we thought it was just one lone coyote but there have been recent sightings reporting four to eight coyotes," said Noor Tietsze from Santa Clara County Vector Control.

Some areas of Los Gatos are heavily wooded and the homes sit on large lots. Tietsze says Vector Control is now setting a number of traps to try and humanely capture the animals before they attack again.

"Only two so far and were looking into setting additional collar and traps if we need to and find suitable locations," said Tietsze.

Fish and Game believes that there may be an overpopulation of these animals. They need to find food and sometimes pets meet that need.

Los Gatos police have warned about 260 residents about the coyote problem.

Vector control is handing out pamphlets throughout the neighborhood. It tells residents not to leave any food outdoors such as pet food or fallen fruit, keep lids on trash cans and also pets should be kept indoors at least until the coyotes are captured.

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