Inside Shirley Golub's campaign


Shirley Golub's campaign headquarters are pretty spare. There's a map pin pointing her volunteers.

"I see you have a fax machine," said ABC7's Mark Matthews.

"I have a fax machine a scanner a printer," said District 8 candidate (D) Shirley Golub.

"Show me what you got coming in," said ABC7's Mark Matthews.

"Right now I don't get faxes Nancy Pelosi gets faxes," said Golub.

Golub says she sends faxes to speaker Pelosi, on behalf of all those who want to challenge Pelosi's refusal to push for impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

"We have taken impeachment off the table and frankly impeachment lets the republicans in Congress off the hook," said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in November 2006.

Playing off Pelosi's statement about impeachment being off the table, Golub videotaped herself sitting on a table in front of Pelosi's San Francisco office.

But it's Golub's rubber chicken ad that has brought the most attention.

"And this is a rubber chicken, much like Nancy Pelosi -- really it has a rubber spine just like Nancy Pelosi and we all know she's a political coward," said the Golub television campaign ad.

The ad has been airing on local San Francisco stations, including ABC7.

"What have you been getting in donations," asked ABC7's Mark Matthews.

"Well I'm actually over $108,000 right now," said Golub.

That's $108,000 from people who've seen her ads on the air or on YouTube or on her Web Site. It may be chicken feed compared to Pelosi $2 million war chest.

But Golub says it's enough.

"It's allowed me to do television ads radio ads newspaper ads, and just outreach to people because I'm not yet a household name despite the rubber chicken," said Golub.

She's got a long way to go and time is running out.

Out in front of the Chronicle newspaper office last week, Golub's campaign called a news conference with a number of alternative candidates.

"We had Cynthia Papermaster who is running against Pete Stark we had Brad Newsome who is running against Barbara Lee," said Golub.

But they didn't have any reporters. Not one showed up.

Pelosi can hardly go anywhere without reporters showing up invited or not. ABC7 News chased after her last week to get this comment on Golub's campaign.

"Everybody has a right to run I wish her well, come on in the water is warm," said Pelosi.

Pelosi is expected to win Tuesday in a landslide.

"Again that's you opinion and I don't operate on that basis. My importance is to let people know that they have a choice," said Golub.

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