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Five tips for finding the right bike:

  1. Finding the right type of bike. Ask yourself what are you going to be doing with your new bike and where will you be riding it.
  2. Sizing. Sizing is based off your height and reach. No less than one inch stand over clearance over the frame. When reaching the handlebars your elbows should be slightly bent.
  3. Pricing. Pricing should be based on usage and level of performance you are looking for. When the price goes up, durability, weight, and performance goes with it. (Weight of course goes down).
  4. General safety concerns. Always wear a helmet, period. When riding at night a front and rear light are required by law. Wearing bright colors are recommended for street riding. If riding off road: gloves, eye wear, and helmets are mandatory.
  5. Finding the right shop to help you with your decision. If this is a new thing for you having the right shop to help is very important. They will help with sizing, price, and finding the right bike to suit your needs.
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Mike's Bikes of San Rafael
836 Fourth St. (at Cijos)
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 454-3747
Additional locations in Sausalito and Palo Alto.

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