Two-alarm fire at SF high-rise


Massive flames came out of the apartment window and nearly crawled to the apartment above. Residents were allowed back in after experiencing a morning like none other.

"I'm like 'ohh crap, I need to get out of here,'" said Nayelli Gonzalez, resident.

That was the sentiment for dozens of residents as they woke up in a 10 story building on Pacific Avenue to smoke flames and screams.

"I kept smelling the smoke, so I opened the window and I looked out and there was some people outside yelling - 'get out of the building,' and I just banged on my roommates door and we just ran out of there," said Gonzalez.

"With her screaming 'don't leave without me,' and me seeing all the smoke and the fire outside - it was time to get out. It wasn't a false alarm by any means," said Dave Molnar, resident.

"I came outside and I looked up and I saw the fire. I ran back in and pulled the fire alarm," said a resident.

Firefighters arrived on the scene at about 6:30 am Friday morning.

"We had a lot of equipment and personnel to move up and a lot of residents to move out," said Lt. Mindy Talmidge, San Francisco fire department.

Luckily for all of the people waiting outside it went quickly and firefighters were able to keep the fire contained to one eighth floor apartment.

"In looking at this fire, they did a text book job. It was awesome, very aggressive, they got it under control very quickly," said Talmidge.

One firefighter was injured with some burns on his legs, but he is expected to okay. And no one who lives in the area was hurt, just shaken and ready to return to normal.

"Hopefully I can get some clothes on and some food and start my day," said Molnar.

The people who live in the apartment were not home at the time. There were some rumors that there might have been a house sitter in the apartment, but firefighters were not able to confirm that.

A full report by the fire department is expected next week.

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