Two soldiers welcomed home at SFO


You think your commute home is long, try five days from /*Afghanistan*/ to San Francisco.

/*California National Guard*/ Staff Sergeant Caliph Fells and Specialist Weston Sill were a part of a military intelligence battalion. They served in Afghanistan for nine months in support of /*Operation Enduring Freedom*/. Many times, they worked on top secret information, so that may be why they politely declined to speak to us on camera.

"It's a calling and I think a lot of these people do a really good job and they work hard at it. It's a lot more than one weekend a month," said LTC Graham Clark from the 223rd California National Guard.

Specialist Sills' father, mother and sister drove in from Mill Valley to meet him at the gate. Nine months apart is a long time for a close family, especially when the phone calls even sounded dangerous.

"Whenever we got to talk to him, we could hear artillery in the background and defense going on," said Igor Sill, Weston's father.

"I'm nervous every single day and it's hard to sleep and I couldn't sleep at all in anticipation of his arrival today," said Cindy Sill, Weston's mother.

The Sill family is whole again. To Mark the occasion, Dad had something special waiting for his son.

"We have a limo outside ready to take him, so we're pretty excited about reuniting the family," said Igor.

Upgrading from a Humvee to a limo. For Weston, it's good to be back home.

Staff Sgt. Fells and Specialist Sill will have some time off. They have about 30 days of paid vacation. A formal welcome home ceremony will be held by their unit in September.

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