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Important points regarding bras:

  • The right bra can make or break an outfit. It can even make you appear slimmer.
  • Did you know that 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra? An ill-fitting bra can ruin any outfit.
  • Many women don't realize that their bodies change and their bra sizes change.
  • Weight gain or weight loss, having a baby, change in workout routine, as well as time and gravity, can all affect a woman's bra size.
  • Most women don't realize that there have been amazing technology innovations in bras!

    Best advice: When you are bra shopping TRY BRAS ON. Fifty percent of women don't even try a bra on before purchasing! In addition to trying it on, be sure to be professionally fitted. This is key to finding the best bra for your figure.

    Don't see bra shopping as a chore. Getting it right from underneath first can give you a boost.

    Some of the latest style and technology to help solve our bra issues:

    Playtex 18-Hour Comfort lace
    Designed especially for the full figured woman. This bra features Airform fabric, a super soft light-as-air fabric, lines the entire bra-the cups, the sides, the straps. It also has all-over lace styling that is super feminine. It is ultra supportive. And now comes in beautiful fashion colors.
    >> Size range: 36B-44DDD.
    >> SRP $27.00

    Wonderbra Shape of Hot
    For something a little sexy, try the new Wonderbra Shape of Hot Collection with both Push In and Push Up styles. Find the style that works best for your figure. This is the Wonderbra Shape of Hot Push In Style, which delivers exceptional cleavage. The cups and sides are completely stitch free so you get a smooth, sleek look under clothes. Perfect for date night.
    >> Size range: 32A - 38C.
    >> SRP $32.

    Playtex Thank Goodness It Fits Underwire Super Soft Microfiber
    Ideal for a woman with a small frame and chest. Some women have trouble finding a bra that fits because an A is too small and a B is too big. Playtex Thank Goodness It Fits comes in half sizes-NA, A, NB, B, NC. This woman could also be wearing a bra that does not give her a good shape-often smaller-chested women are looking for a bra that will give them a smooth, even silhouette. These bras are lightly lined with stretch foam to do just that. Shoes come in half sizes, why not bras?
    >> Size range: 32/34NA-38NC.
    >> SRP $28.00

    Bali Passion for Comfort Minimizer
    A minimizer is a "must have" in any bra collection if you are a C cup or larger. This bra reduces bust projection up to 1.5". The bra is all about comfortable, beautiful support. Key features include the encased underwire for support, the silky smooth lining which provides a smooth line under clothes and the soft embrace sides so there is no elastic touching the body.
    >> Size range: 34C - 42DDD.
    >> SRP $32

    Also, Bali Concealers bra with flat petal concealers placed seamlessly and smoothly in the bra, so no more "headlights on."

    Playtex Secrets Signature Uplift
    Also designed for the full figured woman and delivers excellent lift -- provides shaping and support without seams, extra support is knit into the bottom of the cup for super support and lift. Also has Stop the Slip straps to fit comfortably on the shoulders and not slip off. Smooth look under clothes.
    >> Size range: 36B-44D.
    >> SRP $30.00

    Concealers and Enhancers:
    From Sassybax and Fashion Forms, both brands among others carry a line of concealing "petals" in adhesive styles and silicone gel concealers to eliminate the problem of a woman's "headlights coming on" in a cold room.
    >> Prices range from $6-15

    Also silicone enhancers from the same brands among others help as inserts to add to bras when you want to give the impression of having more of need to fill out a dress, top or bra.
    >> Price around $69

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