Protesters gather outside SF City Hall


The crowd outside City Hall is growing outside City Hall. The mood is quite festive, but there was also some finger pointing and yelling. All of it though, has been peaceful.

Members of the extreme religious group from the Kansas were among the first to protest in front of City Hall. They are opposed to same-sex marriages and they brought with them large signs with references to God. A few others represented the more mainstream group Catholics for the Common Good.

These opponents of same-sex marriage however definitely outnumber the same-sex marriage supporters, as they came in large numbers and they believe that they speak now speak for the majority of California.

So, there was a mixed of opinions in City Hall, as it became the sight of California's first same-sex marriage on Monday.

"We are not here to ruin somebody's say, we are here to uphold God's law. That's the way we feel, and we are praying, I know it sounds dumb to some people, we are praying for homosexuals," said Julie Malaspina from Catholics for the Common Good.

"No one can rain in our parade. This is an absolutely fantastic day, it's a historic milestone for California as we move forward in the civil rights struggle for our generation. Today is poetic justice that Phil and Del that have been together for over 50 years, are getting married, and it is a joyous day for us all to celebrate," said Molly McKay from Marriage Equality U.S.A.

To telling if the crowd is going to be here all week, but most of the same-sex marriage opponents are not from the Bay Area, so whether this is a one-day thing or the beginning of a long stretch of demonstrations and anti-demonstrations remains to be seen.

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