Daly City vandalism suspect in custody


It was another restless night for those who live on the 700 block of Beechwood Drive. In March, more than a dozen cars had their windows smashed and last night, the vandals hit 10 cars.

Resident Nora Molabola was awakened by the noise. She looked out the window and saw a man smashing her Toyota Camry.

"He saw me in the window, so he stopped whacking it, and so he just walked back toward Ocean Avenue," says Molabola.

Neighbor Leon Tint says he saw two men getting into a black sedan. His alert son saw what would become the most valuable piece of evidence.

"I said, 'you got the license plate' and he said 'yes'. So, he went back to the room and wrote down all the information," says Tint.

Tint then he gave the license plate number to Daly City Police, who traced it to a San Francisco address in Parnassus Heights. Police arrested 22-year-old Kevin Luu as he approached his home near the intersection.

"After talking to him for a short period of time, he had admitted going there, with what he called friends, to commit the act," says Capt. Mike Edwards from the Daly City Police Department.

Investigators tell ABC7 that Kevin Luu is a known member of the Jackson Street Boys, a gang that has roots in Chinatown San Francisco. He was out on bail on a weapons charge.

Police are looking into whether the vandalism was directed at a rival gang member who may live in the neighborhood. Police also recovered the hammer which they believe Luu used.

It was another busy day for Louie Chen, who says his glass repair business is booming.

"A couple of months ago, they had more than thirty cars smashed," says Chen.

Residents hope that with the arrest, the series of vandalism will stop and they can finally get a good night's sleep.

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