Eco-friendly gift ideas

Eco Girl by Jennifer Jory
Item: Kendall Tote Vintage Handbag
Price: $125 at EcoLogiQue

Scooter Bees
Item: Scooter Bees Eco-Friendly Kid Shoes (orange, fruit, 0-6 months)
Price: $38 at EcoLogiQue

Good on Paper by Lisa Wong Jackson
Item: Blue Bird Note Cards
Price: $18 at Spring

Rickshaw Bagworks
Item: Wee Generation Baby Bag
Price: $200 with 100% of profits to Healthy Child Healthy World

Jennifer Dawes Jewelry
Item: Hewn Charm Necklace in 14K Recycled Gold
Price: $1170 at Gallery of Jewels
Item: Stacking Stone Rings (peridot, tourmaline, sapphires, conflict-free diamonds)
Price: $600 and up at Gallery of Jewels

Del Forte Denim
Item: ReJEANeration Skirt
Price: $180 at Eco Citizen

Kelly B
Item: Leigh Tie Tube Dress in Fern Green and Organic Cotton
Price: $118 at Eco Citizen

Items Nadine Weil was wearing on the show:

Linda Loudermilk Luxury Eco
Item: Permafrost Dress
Price: $499 at Eco Citizen

Charmone Shoes
Item: Campione Heels
Price: $229 at Wildlife Works

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About Nadine Weil
The Bay Area native, and Stanford and Harvard grad, is a certified local green girl who is passionate about clean cars, fabulous eco-fashion, redwood trees, healthy green design and organic cocktails. The founder and editor of is involved in various causes, such as Global Green San Francisco, the ForestEthics Board of Directors, the Full Circle Fund Environemnt and Energy circle, and many more.

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