Breathtaking Bay Area waterfall hikes

"Behind the Scenes" Production Notes:
Point Reyes/Alamere Falls Hike

By "The View from the Bay" producer Carie Ferreira McGrane

The Alamere Falls hike in Point Reyes National Seashore is characterized as moderate to strenuous, depending on which route you take (there are a few different ones). The production crew for this shoot (photographer Elvin, intern Alrik, and myself -- producer) had some gear to tote along with the usual stuff you'd take on an eight-mile hike, namely a camera, tripod, and extra camera batteries, commonly referred to as "bricks" for good reason. This producer was mighty glad (and thankful) to have the guys doing the heavy lifting. I was more than happy to hold their lunches in my backpack!

Feature stories that have to do with hiking are plentiful and popular here in the Bay Area, but they pose some unique challenges from a production standpoint. First -- you have all that gear. Second, the hike may take six or seven hours, but the final segment that airs on "The View from the Bay" will only run four or five minutes long. So there's no need to shoot the entire hike -- but you do have to make sure you shoot key points and capture the essence of the journey. For example, this hike weaved along the coast and inland, and Elvin was sure to pause, pull out his camera (which was loaded into his backpack when he wasn't shooting), and shoot various points along the trail so viewers will be able to get a good idea of what's in store if they decide to try the hike themselves. Alrik was on standby with the tripod when Elvin needed it. The tripod weighs just over 13 pounds -- and much more than that as each mile of the hike goes by.

Practically speaking, you have to shoot hikers (in our case -- Lorrie, Linda, Leslie, and Bunny) from the front and the back, as they move along the trail. This often involves the photographer running up ahead with the camera, shooting the hikers' approach, then following them through as they go by, and then running to catch up with them again. To get our long shots of the hikers coming around a bend, the crew hiked up way ahead of the hikers, then cued them to come around the bend with a walkie-talkie once we were set up.

Check out the slideshow in the media player above (or by clicking here) for some production photos from our shoot!

More information on Bay Area waterfall hikes from Lorrie Sullenberger

We are blessed to live in the beautiful Bay Area with the hills and valleys full of hidden waterfalls every spring, with some probably right outside your own backyard.

Alamere Falls:
The official site for Pt. Reyes National Seashore is Park rangers tell us this is a year-round waterfall.

Abrigo Falls:
Part of Briones Regional Park in Walnut Creek

Sunol Regional Wilderness - Little Yosemite Falls:
This spectacular rush of water over the large granite boulders is definitely better viewing in the spring. This is a great hike for the whole family including the dog! Also found at

Mt. Tamalpais:
A series of small waterfalls along The Steep Ravine Trail starting at the Pan Toll Station

Mt Diablo Waterfalls:
The falls are on the Mitchell Canyon Trail out of Clayton, however these falls are not currently running and are best viewed in the spring. The best map of Mt. Diablo is from

There is a wonderful Web site at where you can select anything you might be looking for and download and print a map. It is a great resource.

About Lorrie Sullenberger:

She is the creator of Fit and Fabulous...Outdoors! television show, inspiring women form all fitness levels to discover a more exhilarating life through incorporating the outdoors in their quest for better health. Lorrie is certified through the American Council on Exercise and has owned and operated a women's gym. "Most women know that they need to do some kind of exercise" that is not the issue, Lorrie says. It's the inspiration to get out there and start. She wants to reach out to women who think their weight is hopeless, give them some inspiration and show them how they can get Fit and Fabulous...Outdoors too.

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