Create balance for your kids

Tips to help create balance and reduce stress for kids

  • To help children relax and fall asleep when you put them to bed, use guided imagery. For instance, tell them to imagine they're riding on a pink cloud and to slowly look at the people on the ground and at everything around them as they gently float along in the sky.
  • Use limericks or funny poems to encourage children to solve a problem.
  • Don't react. Don't fight back. Instead, "break" the stressed out energy with humor or a loving touch.
  • Be the Bigger Soul. If your child is exhibiting anger due to stress, look beneath it. Is she sad? Frustrated? Hurt? Lonely? Tired? If so, deal with the underlying emotion since anger can be the "convenient" emotion when it comes to stress.
  • Water works! Soothe your child with water. Take a bath, take a swim, have a water balloon fight. "A family that plays together stays together."
  • First things first. Both you and your child will benefit from honestly assessing what is the most important thing that needs to be handled and then develop a simple strategy to tackle it. Be sure to include self-care as one of your items. It may be what needs to be handled first so other things can be more easily managed.

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