Starter's guide to running for fitness

Pamela Crown is the Marathon Training Director at Athletic Endurance. She has been a running fitness trainer for over 13 years. Anita Diaz first began running two years ago and will run her first Marathon this fall.

Athetic Endurance (

The Official Training Program for the San Francisco Marathon Events (
Whether you are a seasoned marathon veteran, a weekend warrior looking for a new challenge, or a newbie looking for a reason to get off the couch, The San Francisco Marathon™ Official Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program coached by AthleticEndurance provides a comprehensive training program to help you achieve your running goals in 2008!

Training Program Features:

  • 'B77-month program which begins on January 26 (recommended for marathoners, and new runners.)
  • OR a 21-week program which begins on March 15 (recommended only for Half Marathoners, or experienced runners with a good running base.)
  • 3-Workout Options per Week: Choose to attend one, two, or three workouts a week! Saturdays (which are required) are long runs, Tuesday AM we are offering a Boot Camp workout, and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (select one) are track/speed workouts. Choose your combination, or all three, workouts.
  • Coaching Support: In person at the workouts, and online via email, our coaches provide advice, answer questions, and help support you through your training.
  • Running Resources: Through a special login website, we provide running resources to help enhance your training. These resources include sections that focus on stretching, cross-training, drills, nutrition, and more.
  • Seminars: Throughout the program we will provide seminars hosted by experts in their field. These seminars will provide you with additional information about important aspects of training, such as runner nutrition, race preparation, and injury prevention.
  • VIP Race Day Hospitality: On the morning of the race, we will have a hospitality tent where you can drop off your sweat bags, and then after the race we will have massages, food, and you can meet up with your family and friends here!
  • SCHWAG: Now the fun stuff! Great schwag: two tech shirts (one long sleeve, one short sleeve, tech cap, running shoe pouch, and other goodies)
  • Train for FREE: Optional fundraising program where you raise money and train for free. Train and race for FREE!! We have a fundraising option for the training program where you can fundraise for Youth Running, AIDS Research or Cancer Research. We will provide fundraising support to help you achieve your fundraising goals. You can earn free training, free race registration, shoes, jacket, hotel accommodations on race weekend, and even a round-trip airline flight on JetBlue!

10 best ways to avoid injury

  1. Don't stretch cold muscles
  2. Wear good running shoes
  3. Run on soft surfaces
  4. Ease into your runs
  5. Build your mileage and speed gradually
  6. Don't run hard on consecutive days
  7. Don't ignore pain
  8. Treat pain promptly
  9. Return from illness or injury cautiously
  10. Cross-train and strength train

10 ways to stay motivated

  1. Run free form for week - whatever pace for however long you feel
  2. …or stop running for a week - especially if you are a regular runner. Soon you will want to run again!
  3. Keep a chart on your bathroom mirror or kitchen door and put a tally on it for every run you return from feeling better than when you left.
  4. Find a running partner - and hold each other accountable
  5. Set a goal - lose 5 pounds, run around a lake, run for 40 minutes with in 3 months
  6. Avoid comparing yourself to other runners
  7. Keep it varied - run on the track one day, on a trail another day, vary your distance as well
  8. Help at a race - seeing other people reach for and achieve their goals will remind you of the benefits of running
  9. Buy some new running clothes or shoes or reward yourself
  10. Join a running club

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