Stray dogs found 4th of July still unclaimed


"The little poodle in the back of the kennel came to us on July 5th," said Scott Delucchi from Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA.

The 4th of July parties are over, and people are back at work. However, some pets are still trying to get back home.

"We normally see a bunch of animals, usually dogs, confined to their yard that are terrified of the sounds and sights of fireworks and they do whatever they can do to get out of those yards," said Delucchi.

The 4th of July is the busiest time of the year at the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA.

The shelter took in 29 stray dogs on July 4th and 5th. That's more than twice as many as last year. Seventeen remain unclaimed.

For some of the dogs, it's easy to reunite them with their owners.

"The ones that were easy to reunite were the ones that had identification, the microchip or an ID tag. The ones that we will still have here came in with no identification so we're really relying on the owner to come to us," said Delucchi.

It's a similar story in Sunnyvale. Humane Society Silicon Valley took in 19 stray dogs from July 3rd to the 5th.

"We've almost doubled the number this year, compared to the number that came through last year," said Beth Ward from the Humane Society in Silicon Valley.

Beth says dog owners need to be extra attentive to their dog's needs during the 4th of July celebrations.

She says if you're not going to be home, get a pet sitter and use white noise in the room, like a television or fan, to drown out the fireworks. You can also ask your veterinarian for sedatives.

Two beagle mix puppies were found on July 3rd in Sunnyvale. They'll be checked out by a veterinarian and behaviorist before they can go home with a new family.

"Sorry that they lost their home, but it's good for us," said Sandy Ulery from San Jose.

Once the health assessments and behavior assessments are done on the 17 dogs, they could go up for adoption by as early as this weekend.


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