What your man's car says about him

Ms. Lorraine says a man's vehicle sends messages about his character that women immediately pick up on. "A man's car reveals a lot about his personality and values, and may determine a woman's attraction toward him," states Ms. Lorraine. "Women pay attention to more than just a man's personal looks."

So what's your car saying about you?

LeaseTrader.com shared with Ms. Lorraine the five most popular leased vehicles men drive, according to user data on the site. Ms. Lorraine then created a profile that represents the vehicle's personality traits:

Chevy Suburban: These men like travel, adventure and spending time with friends and family. These vehicles attract women that are family-oriented, down-to-earth and easy-going.

Mercedes S-Class: These men are classy, successful, stylish and "Sugar Daddies." These vehicles attract women that are in their late 30s and 40s, sophisticated, and enjoy being taken care of.

Ford F-150: These men tend to be insecure and overcompensate on a tough, macho level. These vehicles attract women that prefer to be protected by a man so they can feel safe.

Corvette: These men are conservative but are trying to satisfy a mid-life crisis by displaying their wild side through their car. These vehicles attract women that are attracted to the bad-boy image, and are typically "hot," bad girls themselves that are impulsive, wild and rebellious.

Toyota Camry: These men are solid, reliable and committed. These vehicles attract women that are sweet, level-headed, uncomplicated and undemanding.

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About DeAnna Lorraine
DeAnna Lorraine is a San Diego-based Dating Coach and Certified Life Coach highly trained and specialized in the areas of Dating & Relationships. With degrees in Gender Communication & Psychology, she has studied and researched heavily relationships and social dynamics, male and female psychology and communication. She helps successful adults who are looking to settle down identify what's been keeping them single, and putting them on a track to accelerating the dating process and meeting compatible, quality partners. She has worked with and provided results for software developers, engineers, attorneys, real estate agents, and other industry singles.

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