Entertainment Podcast: Frampton "comes alive"

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More about Podcasting

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is the latest in on-the-go, on-demand technology. With podcasting, you can listen to radio programs or events whenever and wherever you choose. Podcasts are MP3 audio files that are automatically downloaded to your personal computer, and then transferred to an iPod or other MP3 player using a podcasting application.

What equipment do I need?
The basic requirements for podcasting are a computer (PC or Mac), podcasting software (see list of options) and an Internet connection. For portability, an iPod or other MP3 player is needed.

How do I get started?
Simply download and install podcasting software onto your computer. Although applications vary, each should provide instructions on how to add podcast feeds to your list. Then, just check for the new podcasts and MP3s of your selected programs that will be on your computer and, if you are set up, on your MP3 player.

Downloads and Resources:

  • iPodder: Free podcasting software (PC)
  • jPodder: Free podcasting software (PC)
  • iPodderX: Free podcasting software (Mac)
  • More on podcasting (from Wikipedia)

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