DIY: Decorate using terra cotta pots


  • Terra Cotta pots are affordable. You can get small pots for under a dollar at Michael's craft store. They're also inexpensive at Home Depot.
  • To help them avoid looking cheap, use buttermilk to coat the pot. This will create a patina look.
  • When using Terra Cotta pots, it's crucial that you get a ceramic bit on your drill to create a hole for drainage. A regular bit will explode your pot. Go to the hardware store and tell them what you're doing so they can help assist.


    Hanging Geraniums

  • A fun project is to hang geraniums from an old gate using terra cotta pots.
  • Omega Salvage in Berkeley is a great place to find old gates to use as backdrops.
  • Geraniums are great plants, they're so hardy.
  • You can buy geraniums at your local nursery.

    Bird Bath

  • Another fun project is making a bird bath for your garden out of terra cotta pots.
  • You'll need two terra cotta pots saucers. Then you're going to need four terra cotta pots, all the same size.
  • The key to making this project work is that you have got to have the right adhesive. Buy premium construction adhesive, at your local hardware store.
  • Turn over the pots and apply adhesive to the bottom.
  • Combine the pots and saucers.
  • Once you're finished you can fill with river rocks and water.

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