Residents take up 'low-car' diet


This is the diet a lot of city dwellers might actually find palatable and you wont have to give up your favortate take-out. It started Monday morning at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco.

About 20 people dropped their keys for their vehicles, vowing them not to pick them up until August 15th. Instead, they will use public transit, walking, biking or using Zipcar, which is one of sponsors of this event, along with Breath California and the SF Bike Coalition.

They found their participants through word of mouth and internet. Many people are tired of the hassle of owning a car in the city, but some are nervous.

"Not having to reserve anything, just pop out and being able start your car up and go where you want. There's that sense of freedom that I'm a little concerned about. Hopefully the system works pretty well and it will all work out in the end," says participant Cliff Chu.

Participants do get tools to help ease the pain, such as a BART pass, Muni pass and a membership to a Zipcar, which is a car sharing business. This is one of dozens of events going on around the country and these people are on the low-car diet until August 15th.

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