American Olympic athletes head to Beijing


They are hoping it's gateway to gold, but a big concern for the boxers is shopping. You may have heard the expression 'shop until you drop'. Well, it has happened before and coaches and officials are concerned that some of the boxers might do that.

USA boxing team members are getting ready for their 12 hour flight to Beijing while signing autographs. These passengers are the first ones going over to acclimate. They trained in San Jose, where they also spent time in learning the Chinese culture. They were told to watch out for left jabs, right crosses and too much shopping.

"When I went over there, I went to the mall. It took my mind off of everything. I missed a couple of my fighters boxing matches because I was just shopping, plus I was getting ready for Christmas. So, when I got home, it was a happy. Everybody was happy but going over there, my coaches say, the main focus is the gold medal," says Olympic Fly Weight Boxer Rau'shee Warren.

They missed boxing matches because they were shopping?

The fighters are flying over to Beijing on Flight 898. The number eight is a very lucky number in the Chinese culture. Hopefully it will be for the U.S.A. boxing team.

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