Green products under $20!

1. Reusable water bottles
Love Bottles: $12-$18
Part of the proceeds goes to benefit Global Water: (helps get clean water to the 1 billion + people who need it) and also to Clean Water Action: (helps to protect our water and keep it clean). Available at

You can purchase Love Bottles in SF:
Split Pea Seduction
138 6th Street at Minna
San Francisco, CA

2. Reusable Grocery /Shopping Bags (reduces plastic bag usage, and reduces the amt of resources needed to make and recycle paper bags).

A. Standard green bag made of polypropylene, $1-5. Available at most grocery stores (Whole Foods, Safeway, Trader Joes).

B. Waterproof bag made from recycled plastic bottles, $3-5. Available at Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

C. If you are a store/company that wants to put your own logo on a bag visit:

D. This next bag breaks the $20 rule, but Whole Foods has a "Feed 100" bag for $29.99. When you buy the bag the $$ you spend on it goes to feed 100 school lunches to hungry children who need it. For many of the children it is their only meal that day.This is part of the UN Whole Food Program.

3. Reusable Recycling Bags
Cost $6 for 1, $15 for a set of 3. Available at
For those of us who need paper bags to collect our recycling, these are a great way to kick the paper bag habit!

4. Bring your lunch to work with you 1x/week
Each year you will keep around 50 "to go" lunches that typically include the food container, the silverware, the plastic bag, and plastic bottle beverage. Even though much of it can be recycled or composted, neither is usually done at an office setting.

A. Stainless steel thermos $20,

B. Two level stainless steel lunch carrier, $20. Available at Elephant Pharmacy.

C. Pyrex bowls, $5-$20 (for a set). Available at Bed Bath and Beyond.

D. Cooler bags, $10-20. Available at Target, Elephant Pharmacy, Whole Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond

5. Use cloth napkins and white washcloths instead of paper towel

A. Cloth napkins, $2-$20 (depending where/quality you buy). Available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy, Ross, Target, TJ Maxx

B. White Wash cloths, $2-20. TIP: If you do use paper towels and live in the Bay area you can COMPOST them in your green bin, and use them a little more guilt free.

6. Only the catalogs that you want delivered to your house! Cancel all unwanted catalogs at Free!!

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