Local DMV offices impacted by cuts


Dozens were turned away from the DMV with no warning and only a notice as explanation. Only those with appointments are allowed in the DMV after 3:00 p.m. It's a cost-saving move to eliminate overtime. The once a month Saturday hours are also being cut.

The change affects all branches in Alameda, Los Angeles, Monterey and Ventura counties.

The San Jose DMV on Alma avenue is also impacted.

"We had to turn a lot of people away because we can't serve them because we have to be out at 5:00 p.m. We cannot get no overtime, so now we have customers yelling at us thinking it's our fault," said DMV employee Maria Rodriguez.

One hour after the governor signed the executive order allowing pay cuts and pink slips, a sign went up and Cassandra Saucedo's hours as a part-time license and ID tech got cut in half.

"It's very stressful to have to go home and be happy about having my job, but still not be able to help my daughter pay for her wedding," Saucedo said.

But her full-time co-workers are expected to receive their entire salaries.

State Controller John Chiang refuses to follow the governor's order.

"I will not do so for a whole host of reasons, number one is it will subject California to legal liability," Chiang said.

Chiang has no control over staff schedules or office hours. Many DMV v customers wish he did.

The service changes could spread to more branches. That's why every day during their lunch break, union members will hold a solidarity walk in front of the DMV to protest what's going on.

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