Doctor defends UC researcher attacks

August 4, 2008 6:13:51 PM PDT
The use of violence to protest animal research is not a new tactic, but one man who spoke to ABC7 News by telephone, defending the attacks is a doctor who seems to value animal life over human life.

50-year-old Dr. Jerry Vlasak is a trauma surgeon from Woodland Hills in Southern California; but he spends most of his time working as a media officer for the underground Animal Rights Movement.

The Los Angeles times quoted him two years ago saying "The use or threat of force is an effective means to stop people who abuse animals," and that killing scientists is "morally justifiable."

On Monday, the California Medical Association issued this statement to ABC7 News: "The statements by Dr. Vlasak are contrary to the fundamental obligation physicians have had since time immemorial: to protect the public health."

Dr. Vlasic, however, is not a member of the California Medical Association.