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Ten tips from 'You've Got Respectful Manners!' What to Say When You Don't Know How"
Tactful tips from A-Z for kids of all ages

Apologies take courage. Be the brave one and apologize when you've done something you are sorry about.

Bullying is a sign of weakness. The kids who bully are pretending to be BIG - but they are not big at all. Show them by your example who to be a winner in life and a person of strong character. Do not react to anything they say or do.

Cutting in line is sort of like stealing. It is taking a space that really does not belong to you. It's OK to speak up to the person cutting in, while wearing your smile.

Disabled people don't want to be left out. They like to talk about a lot of the same things you do. Start a conversation with a handicapped person, and anyone who is disabled and participating in your group.

Embarrassment usually leaves us feeling weird and not knowing what to say. Once you talk about it - that funny feeling can go away. Other kids have been embarrassed about something sometime, so they will understand.

Fixing anything personal for someone that can be done on the spot is OK to do. You are doing them a big favor: so don't be shy about telling them when something can be fixed.

Gossip is talking behind someone's back. It can be true or untrue, but either way it can hurt people.

Hunger pains can make you want to roar like a lion. What if you feel funny asking for something to eat while you are in someone else's house? First of all, always try to have a snack before you go to someone's home, so that you don't expect them to feed you right away.

Invitations are a compliment to you. Someone wants you with them. Answer them as soon as possible. If you can't be there, be truthful about the reason. Making up a fib when you don't want to go can backfire on you and is not necessary".

Jealousy sometimes makes us feel weird, and we act grumpy. If your friend got picked for the team and you didn't... you could say: "Colin, I was pretty disappointed when I didn't get picked for the team and you did, so I was acting out - but I'm really glad for you and I hope you have a good game".

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About Louise Elerding
Louise Elerding is the author of the award-winning series of books entitled 'You've Got Manners!" Her latest book entitled "You've Got Respectful Manners!" joins "You've Got Manners!" and "You've Got Social Manners!"

A grandmother of five, each a member of her "Polite Team of the World," Louise has assumed the role of 'Super Nanny' for children's manners and etiquette. Her series of books, that also includes a deck of Manne Rummy and Flash Cards entitled "Pass the Manners Please!" as well as "The Manners & Teachers Curriculum" for consultants and schools, are devised through and for the eyes of children.

"You've Got Manners!" was conceived on a family road trip and vacation across Canada in the summer of 2002. To pass the time, three generations of Elerdings played a game of naming and playing with table manners in their family mini-van to pass the time and have fun. On that 1,000 mile trip, 'You've Got Manners!" was born. Inspired by her mother, Elmira "Myrto" Fleury - a true lady in every way - Louise set about putting pen to paper and wrote her first book in a week. She set about putting together in alphabetical order a fun and easy way to learn how to have great table manners…whether at home or in public. Children are even awarded with a certificate - entitled 'I've Got Manners!" - on completion of the book.

Brilliantly colored and illustrated, the series of books are a terrific gift idea for children, and have a broad appeal in particular as a resource among parents and grandparents alike. Polly Politely and Milton manners, two friendly spokeskids, take children on a manners adventure as they learn multiple ways of being polite and considerate at the table. Louise has a thriving online community with a virtual manners test and in particular a 'Polite Team Membership'. "You've Got Manners!" has also formulated in to an interactive opportunity for audiences, with a specially designed curriculum that in turn has spawned a series of etiquette and manners classes. Louise's dream is that a vast number of "Official Manners Messengers" in every city across the country and indeed around the world are established, each following her curriculum and inspiring children to be as polite as possible.

For more information, visit www.youvegotmanners.com

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