Keep the romance alive in tough financial times

Plunging neckline or plunging stock market -- which would you rather focus on? Financial stress can sap the passion out of even the friskiest of marriages. Here are some ideas to stir the imagination and your romantic inclinations:

Shower Secrets
Write "I Love You" on the steamed up mirror while your honey is in the shower.

Heart Shaped Toast
Buy a heart-shaped cookie-cutter and use it to make toast in the morning. Delivered on a tray with fresh coffee is sure to inspire. And if you can be late for work, deliver it wearing only an apron.

Sleep Naked
You'd be surprised what can pop up in the middle of the night! And rather than focus on the morning meeting, focus on the moment and enjoy. You may be tired in the morning but you'll be smiling all day.

Dedicate Your Love
Traffic jams keeping you apart? Call in a request to the local radio station that you know he's listening to and dedicate a song to him. Make it a song special to you two that will create anticipation all the way home...

Picnic on the Bed
Prepare a romantic picnic dinner, and have it on the bed! Sticky finger (licking) foods are best along with a nice bottle of bubbly (champagne or martinelli's)!

What Not To Wear
Do you still wear maternity underwear (years later)? Even on a date? I admit it, I do, and they are mighty comfortable, but you need to pick a better pair (not slutty, but romantic and sexy). Or the next time you're out to dinner, you could leave them at home and forget to mention it until dessert... then see how fast he gets the check!

The Key Ingredients to Keeping It Hot!
1. FUN - laughter is the best medicine and a key ingredient in passion
2. Economical - shouldn't add any additional financial stress
3. Innovative - get out of any ruts or old habits you've fallen into
4. Spontaneous - keep a set of glow in the dark dice in your purse for whenever the mood strikes you

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