Is your man lying to you?

The top 10 reasons why men lie to women:

1. Fear of retribution and/or that it will go on "the list" of things never to be forgotten and always brought up to support a present point.

2. They think women want to be lied to. Example, "Do I look fat?" "Do you think she is better looking than me?" "Are you attracted to her?"

3. It will permanently damage the relationship. Example, "I slept with another woman."

4. It will take too much time and be a long, drawn out, never ending conversation that won't get resolved anyway.

5. It is no big deal and doesn't affect things moving forward. It is in the past. Example, when a women asked, "Are you mad."

6. It seems like if I lie get what is desired. Example, "Does the dish I made taste good?" If he says no, she might not cook again.

7. Things are happy now. Why rock the boat. Example, "How was your day?" Truth is it was bad but if the man says so, he will get all kinds of follow up questions and have to answer them or avoid them If he lies and says things are good, then he can enjoy the evening which might be going well with his favorite football team playing

8. He loves her and does not want to hurt her feelings. Example, "Do you think I have gained a lot of weight since the birth of our baby?"

9. It might get him in some real big trouble. Example, not hiring someone because he is afraid she will get pregnant and not come back to work.

10. He is just unaware of his "own" truth. He lies to himself and is not even in touch with what is really going on with him or the situation. He has convinced himself. Example, "Are you happy with our marriage?"

About Steven Gaffney, Relationship Editor - ASK REAL GUYS is led by Steven Gaffney who has been in the trenches conducting communication seminars for Fortune 500 companies, government military and associations. For over 14 years, Steven has helped thousands of people save their relationships, strengthen their marriages, and reshape their lives through his organization, the Steven Gaffney Company . He is also the author of two books, Just Be Honest: Authentic Communication Strategies that Get Results and Last a Lifetime and Honesty Works! Real-World Solutions to Common Problems at Work and Home.


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