Family frustrated by wiring mess


The more stuff we hook up, the more cables and wires there are. But should they be sprouting from your carpet? A family was shocked when their TV signal was coming in through some very odd places.

Denise Apodaca and her family like having a big choice of TV channels, so they ordered a Dish Network system.

"We had it in our previous house so we decided to move it up here with us because we like the service," said Apodaca.

The dish installed on their roof was fine. But there was a problem in the house.

"They came out and installed it and put three holes in the middle of the room," said Apodaca.

There were holes drilled in the carpet with the dish cable sticking out in the living room, the kids' room and the bedroom.

"If you want to move your furniture around you can't move it anywhere you got this wire sticking up," said Apodaca.

Denise called the contractor who installed it for Dish.

"He said he was going to come out and patch the holes and I said that's not acceptable because the carpet was two years old," said Apodaca.

She called Dish and the company agreed the job was not done right. But months went by, and the company didn't fix the problem.

"So that's when I got on the computer and called 7 On Your Side," said Apodaca.

7 On Your Side contacted Dish and company said it does not condone any installation that results in damage to a home. After reviewing Denise's claim, the company agreed to replace the carpet.

Installers arrived within days and replaced all the carpets in all three rooms with the "sombrero-shade" carpet Denise wanted.

What does Denise think?

"It looks very nice a lot better, beautiful. A happy outcome, thanks to 7 On Your Side," said Apodaca.

If you have anything installed in your home, make sure the company gets your permission first before drilling holes or making any drastic changes.

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