Pelosi talks unity at convention


As the nation's highest ranking Democrat, Pelosi in the convention's presiding officer, and she was frustrated over questions about a lack of party unity.

At the conference, Pelosi came to praise Sen. Joe Biden, but the questions from reporters quickly turned to Sen. Hillary Clinton and the problems of unifying a party that was split in two by the primary season.

Pelosi first tried to fend the reporters' questions off with Sen. Barack Obama's polling among women, but eventually she grew exasperated.

"This is like a yesterday room," Pelosi said. "What did I walk into, a time capsule? The nomination is decided, we have a vice president, we're going to work together to go forward."

She accused reporters of wallowing in the Clinton versus Obama past.

"But we are on the next stage of this and maybe it's that we've all been in this cocoon and we're just talking to each other and hearing that," Pelosi said.

ABC's George Stephanopolis, however, looked at the polling.

"Right now you've got, according to our ABC poll, 3 out of 10 Clinton supporters not voting, saying they're not going to vote for Barack Obama, he needs to get those voters back," Stephanopolis said.

Pelosi later explained to ABC7 that her goal for the convention is to shift the focus to from Obama versus Clinton to Obama versus Sen. John McCain.

"I think it's absolutely essential that Democrats at this convention present to the American people what the choice in this election is," she said.

Pelosi pushed the message that Obama is right on the issues.

"Barack Obama is right and John McCain is wrong, we have to make these distinctions," Pelosi said to the California delegation on Monday.

That different than four years ago, when at the Democratic convention in Boston Pelosi could not speak out against the war in Iraq without first acknowledging the party line to be positive.

This time there is less concern about turning off swing voters.

"This convention is different is that we will certainly be making a distinction," Pelosi said. "Or you have more of the same warmed-over stew of the Bush years that John McCain subscribes to."

At the tame time that the Democrats are talking about unity and defining McCain as more of the same, McCain's campaign is attempting to stir discontent, with an ad saying Obama snubbed Clinton with the VP nomination.

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