Teen fatally abused in Antioch


Police say 15-year-old Jazzmine Davis had been beaten and starved for long periods of time. Now that may be the cause of death, but we will know for sure when the autopsy is done.

The suspect in this murder is her paternal aunt, 37-year-old Shameeka Davis, who adopted Jazzmine and her twin brother when they were babies.

The house is in a pleasant, well manicured neighborhood near the corner of Killdeer Drive. Shameeka Davis lived at the home with her three children. Neighbors were shocked that such a barbaric crime could happen.

Patsy Mills says Davis's kids used to play outside until recently.

"They used to play basketball with some children who lived in a house across the street, and when they left I didn't see the kids here in this house anymore," said Mills.

Police were called to Davis's home on Tuesday afternoon after receiving a call from the children's grandmother.

They found the body of 15-year-old Jazzmine Davis. Police say she had been dead for about two hours. In the house were Jazzmine's twin brother and Davis's other child, a 7-year-old girl.

Both were taken into protective custody. Police say the twins appeared to be severely abused.

"In my mind, almost looks like torture," said said Lt. Leonard Orman from Antioch Police.

Lt. Orman says the twins looked malnourished, even though there was plenty of food in the home.

"The house is pretty normal looking until you get to the bedroom where these two children spent most of their time," said Lt. Orman.

Police believe Davis locked the children in their rooms for long periods of time.

"All the information we are getting indicates this has been going on for two years. I liken it to a prisoner of war camp," said Lt. Orman.

The twins graduated from Antioch Middle School last year. They were enrolled as freshmen at Antioch High School for the fall, where classes started last week.

Jazzmine had been absent since the first day of school although her brother was attending classes.

Former Assistant Principal Gloria Ervin knew both kids. She never noticed anything abnormal.

"She was a typical middle school student, very energetic. We spoke often together just because she was a very sociable being about herself. She mixed well with students," said Ervin.

Police say there were early indications that Davis may have also abused her 7-year-old child, her biological daughter, and they are also investigating that.

Police also added that Davis admitted to abuses, and it's still unclear whether she confessed to the murder.

Davis had a fight with her boyfriend, kicked him out of the house on Tuesday, and he is also cooperating.

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