Exercise tips from a pro using Downs Discs


1. Fire Abs - crunches using two Downs Disc which puts your body in an extended xposition. The Downs Disc forces more muscle fibers to be recruited causing a quicker burn and quicker results.

2. Windshield Wiper Abs works the transverse ab muscle which narrows the waist and the Downs Disc also forces the hip stablelizers to fire as well.

3. Staggered pushups - works the chest and back but with the Downs Disc also recruits the core more than just regular pushups. Helps firm the pecs and defines the upper back.

4. T-pushups - does everything a regular pushup does but the Downs Disc forces you to also maximize use of the deltoid, core and thoracic muscular.

5. Kickbacks on Downs Disc shapes the glutes as well as tone the lower back and abs.Creates a smooth transition from the glute into the hamstring.

6. Outer thigh on Downs Disc works the hips(glute medius and minimus), outer thigh as well as the lateral obliques on the opposite side. Gives the sexy line on the outside of the thigh.

7. Twisting Lunge while balancing on one or two disc (advanced) tones the total thigh, tightens the butt and the Downs Disc forces your core to work to help keep your upper and lower body on track. The twist recruits the abs promoting narrowing in the waistline.

8. Diagonal Squats on two Downs Disc strengthens the quads and glutes and the diagonal movement of the arms works the obliques and anterior shoulder (deltoid). Really adds shape to the arms.The disc are also strengthing the ankles and knee stablelizers.

About Downs Discs:
For years NBA & NFL Pro Athletes have been working out and staying in shape with personal trainer Ed Downs. Now his fitness system The Downs Discs are available for everyone and now men & women everywhere are "Core Twisting" to get in shape. It's simple, easy and gets results fast. The new Downs Discs patented air filled cushions provides a total body balance workout. Quick workout with quick results. Easy to use. Doing 5 pushups on the disc is like doing 20 regular pushups 15 Minutes 1x per day = results.

For more information, visit www.downsdisc.com.

About Ed Downs:
Ed Downs, a 5th Degree Black Belt and Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, is a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Downs Training System, Inc. (DTS) in Miami, Florida. Downs Training System, Inc. specializes in designing personalized fitness programs for professional athletes to help maximize their performance and decrease their chances of injury. With a Bachelor Degree in Mathematical Science, a background in Computer Science and extensive study in human body mechanics, Ed has developed the patented "DTS Core" program that has been incorporated in the training programs of Professional Athletes; Alonzo Mourning, Carlos Boozer, Jamal Mashburn, Tim Hardaway, Baron Davis, Penny Hardaway, Tim Thomas, Jamal Magloire, David Wesley, P.J. Brown, and many more.

It was while working with an autistic 2 year old, who needed increased strength of body movement that Ed developed what has become the patented Downs Disc Fitness System. A training/ exercise system used and endorsed by Pro Athletes and the University of Miami Basketball Team, high schools around the country, rehab centers, pregnant women, and thousands of people with weight, type 2 diabetics and respiratory problems. Without corporate funding, and self financed by asking his clients to pay him in advance, taking out a second mortgage and the sweat equity of 14 hour days, Ed realized his dream.He is now is the President/CEO of EDFE Inc the only Black owned Direct Response Fitness Company in the USA. EDFE Inc. airs infomercials, owns and produces all its products under Ed's watchful eye. The growth and popularity of the Downs Discs has been phenomenal, tens of thousands have been sold. It has been featured in ESPN Magazine and Sports Illustrated, where his unique methods of training have been showcased (recruiting multiple-major muscle groups in a few exercises that promote flexibility). Ed was also featured on MTV working out with Baron Davis using the Downs Discs.

Another of Ed's missions is promoting physical fitness in children, from his work with mentally challenged kids to gifted young athletes; he has made a difference. The father of two young daughters, Ed always finds time in his days to devote to training kids. In addition, Ed has made it his job to help in the fight against childhood obesity. His company has contributed thousands of Downs Discs to local schools. He has made personal appearances and has enlisted numerous pro athletes to help aid him in the quest to increase the physical activity of kids. Ed's primary focus with kids has been concentrating on athletics and wellness, providing alternatives to a sedentary lifestyle and making it fun in the process. The downs discs are recommended by American Council on Exercise to be implemented into all youth fitness programs in schools across the US.

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