Job survey sheds light on Generation Y

SAN FRANCISCO Desiree Peel of Emeryville is a graphic designer and a millenial. You can tell she's with Generation Y by her age - mid 20's, and her electronics - flat screen TV, Xbox 360, DVD, Macbook, Blueray, PS3, Touch iPod, cell phone. You can also tell she's a millennial by where she wants to work:

"I want someplace where there is a really great culture - someplace that's fun, where they're excited about what they're doing, laid back people who want to have a good time and bring out a really great product," said Peel.

That's exactly what Robert Half International and found out when they surveyed employers about Generation Y workers. Companies look high and low just to find these 20-somethings, then have to entice them to come to work.

"There is more then just the j-o-b," said Karen Gonzales, Ammo Marketing.

At Ammo Marketing and Freestyle Interactive - self expression is on display; part of the package to hire and retain the innovative wireless spirit that defines this generation.

"They have a sense of self entitlement, a lot of this is because of the way their parents and their teachers told them you can do anything. It's really challenging to employers to present a good story," said Gonzales.

The survey says millenials also want an employer to offer a good wage now, not a maybe down the road. Be green and socially conscious, offer in-house training and tuition reimbursement and be prepared for some tough questions.

"They're going to come at you and know more about your company than you do, because they've done their research and homework and they expect more," said Gonzales.

David Knapp is regional VP for Robert Half International, which helped with the survey, and he has a helpful hint for millenials:

"It's kind of hard to change a company's culture overnight. But I think you'll be much better off in your selection process of choosing the right company first and narrowing your list down before you start your job search," said Knapp.

The survey says salary is still number one but benefits and retirement are a close second. You see, millenials figure pensions are extinct and social security wont' be there. Remember, these guys have done their research.

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