Start your exercise with a dynamic warm-up

The Dynamic Warm-up prepares the body for dynamic exercise (walking, jogging, running, etc.). The Dynamic Warm-up raises body temperature, increases blood flow to the muscles, and lubricates the joints. Contrary to old beliefs, you must be WARMED-UP to STRETCH.You do NOT STRETCH to WARM UP. Stretching is a critical part of a proper cool-down, not the warm-up.


1/8 = one set of 8 Reps
R & L =one rep

1. Deep Breath: Stand tall-legs apart-knees slightly bent--bring arms up over head and down 3-4 times breathing deeply.

2. Knee Grabs: Bring one of your knees up-using both hands pull knee in towards body-alternate 1/8

3. Twist Grabs: Similar to Knee Grabs, but pull your shin towards your chest, rotating your knee outward, alternate - feel stretch in glute 1/8

4. Hurdle Steps: Step forward R. foot-swing L. Leg up and out to side as if stretching leg over imaginary hurdle at the side of your body. This is good warm up for hip flexors, groin and glute. Alternate 1/8.

5. Forward Lunge: Keep Torso Upright. Step forward with R foot (R Knee bent, L Leg straight behind) bring R foot back to L foot. Step forward with L foot (L. knee bent, R Leg straight behind) bring L foot back to R foot) alternate legs. Can do in place or moving forward. 1/8

6. Side Lunge: Keep torso upright. Hands on waist. Step out to R side, L foot in center, leg slightly bent. Bring R. leg back to center and repeat lunge on L side. Alternate. 1/8

7. Arms Swing: Forward and Back--Standing with good posture, legs apart, knees slightly bent--swing your arms forward so they cross in front of body chest level then swing arms back as far as possible for chest, shoulders and upper back. Do 1/8 set of controlled motion.

8. Side Bend: Over And Back--Standing with good posture, legs apart knees slightly bent. Bend to R side while holding your L arm overhead, quickly reverse direction bend to L and hold R arm over head--for triceps, upper back, abdominals. Alternate-do in controlled continuous fashion. 1/8

9. High Knees: March in Place, bring R Knee up as high as possible and simultaneously push off on the toes of L Foot. Alternate R and L knee. Swing arms with 90 degree angle at elbows, hands swing up to chin level and back. 1/8

10. Deep Breath: Stand Legs apart--knees slightly bent--bring arms up over head and down, 3-4 times breathing deeply.

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  • 18th Annual Komen SF Race for the Cure

  • 5K Run/Walk and 1 Mile Fun Walk

  • Sunday, September 21, 2008

  • 5K Run starts at 9am, 5K and 1 Mile Walk starts at 9:15am

  • We also have a Kids for the Cure and a Sleep In for the Cure

  • Participants can form teams or join existing teams. Prizes are awarded for largest team, fastest team and highest fundraising team in each of 4 categories (corporate, small business, school/government and friends/family)

  • Register online at by Sept 11 or mail in a paper reg form postmarked by Sept 11 to: SF Race for the Cure, 150 Post Street, Ste 755, SF 94108.

  • Call 415-397-8812 to be sent a paper form or download one at

  • Late registration is available the day before the Race (Saturday, September 20, 10am - 2pm) at Sports Basement in SOMA or the Sports Basement in the Presidio and on Race Day at Justin Herman Plaza (7:30am-8:30am).

  • Health and Fitness Expo will immediately follow the Race in Justin Herman Plaza and will last until 12noon. 10:30am - Survivor Tribute Ceremony takes place on Main Stage. 10:45am - Awards Ceremony takes place on Main Stage

    Joanie Greggains
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    Joanie is a popular guest speaker who participates in many health events throughout the year. As a former secondary school teacher, Joanie believes in the value of education. Her mission is to provide her audience with the tools and resources they need to improve their health and vitality with well-informed choices.


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