Tragic accident at San Mateo grocery store


The accident happened shortly after 1:00 p.m. on Monday afternoon when the truck apparently had some kind of malfunction, probably its breaks. It was going down the hill at fast speed and it ran through two stop signs and traveled into the parking lot where it hit a car and then that truck and the car traveled and hit eight or nine cars in the parking lot, including the car that carried the person that was killed.

The collision forced the truck and that vehicle into the Mollie Stone's parking lot," said Captain Kevin Raffaelli from San Mateo Police.

Lizbeth Quadra works at the Mollie Stone's and saw what happened.

"I see a big truck coming with very high speed and it started hitting all of the cars on the parking lot and it went all of the way down to that car and it smashed another car. The guy that was driving, but we didn't know there was a boy in the back and all, there was another co-worker with me and we were trying to help out the mom. We couldn't see and the little boy was in the back and it was just back, really bad," said Quadra.

In addition to the death, three people were injured and all of them were taken to Stanford Medical Center for treatment, one in fact was transported by life flight, and they are listed in serious but stable condition.

Police will not give any more information except to say that there was a fatality, and they will not release any information about the casualty, but it appears it was a young child.

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