Battle for gay marriage looms closer

It stars a familiar face -- the man behind same sex marriage. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is the star of an ad against same sex marriage. The pro /*Proposition 8*/ spot is called "Whether You Like It or Not."

The ad claims churches could lose their tax exempt status and that gay marriage could be taught in public schools.

"I think most people realize this is the end of the game for marriage. What happens in California will have a huge impact on the rest of the country," says Frank Schubert, Yes On Prop 8.

The ad comes one week after opponents of Prop 8 unveiled their own commercial. While the push to persuade voters moves into high gear, so do the weddings at San Francisco City Hall.

Luke Soares and Adrien Chua wanted to tie the knot before Election Day, unsure what the outcome might be on November 4th.

"The love between Luke and I will not change regardless. We'll continue to fight and carry on the battle," says Adrien.

Since June, when the State Supreme Court first allowed same sex marriages, 5,734 licenses have been issued since, 3,361 of them to gay and lesbian couples.

Now, it's expected there will be a last-minute crush leading up to November.

Starting today, San Francisco has increased the capacity for wedding ceremonies every day from 42 to 60 and is prepared to do even more in the days ahead.

"We're hoping by addressing some of the demand now, maybe the crush won't be as bad at the end of October," says Karen Hong, SF County clerk.

Appointments for licenses are booked through mid-October.

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