Make massages a lifestyle, not a luxury!

Tips to relieve ailments:

-For headaches: Rub around your temples and bring your thumbs in, which will affect the front of your forehead. Rubbing their shoulders is great for headaches.

-Feet is the best for headaches. If you get a migraine and it hurts to touch your head, rub your feet. A lot of headaches start at the shoulders and work their way up. I'd say shoulders are a good place to rub. Our driving affects our shoulders, so does working on the computer, which shortens your trap muscles. Then of course that goes into the neck then that goes into the head.

-Breathing is something we forget to do. We hold our selves still, too still and we don't breathe. Wake up and take twelve deep breathes, count in for seven, hold in for seven, release for seven, twelve times you would get up in a different way.

-Feet are also great to massage. There are 26 bones in the foot and they get neglected. When you're watching television at home or your on the computer, take a golf ball and roll your foot over the golf ball.

-You don't have to be a massage therapist to give your loved ones or friends a massage. Stay away for the boney places. That doesn't feel good. It's pretty much common sense.

About Massage Envy:
Membership's dues are $59 monthly, some clinics will vary. The membership rate for follow up messages after the single one initially is $39. Twenty massage envy clinics in the San Francisco bay area and there are nine in the north bay alone. The newest one just opened in Napa. And once you become a member you could visit any clinic. There are hundreds all over California and all over the United States. Open 7 days a week.

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