Mortgage brokers gear up to help fix crisis


Like the rest of Main Street America, this Daly City neighborhood has seen its share of foreclosures.

"Just in this little block here we've had like three and a couple more possibly going up now. It's the economy, it's really bad," says Colleen Seck, a Daly City resident.

Helping homeowners hang on to their properties is what seasoned mortgage brokers and bankers are focusing on, as they go through advanced training.

"This was an advanced training we are taking now to be able to allow myself to be better off at being able to help our clients in their long and short financial plans," says David Walden, a mortgage originator.

For those facing foreclosure, if you owe more than what your house is worth, loan modification is key.

"The lender is not going to recover the entire amount through foreclosure, they would be better off working with you, helping you stay in your home, so that over time you can pay them the entire amount," says Gibran Nicholas, a financial trainer with the CMPS Institute.

Mortgage brokers are desperate to jump start the housing market. One way is to reduce home prices. From October 10 through the 19th, Coldwell Banker will ask clients to lower the price of their home by 10 percent. While this is a national event, the Bay area is not participating.

That's because the local Caldwell brokers say the Bay Area is not one of the hardest hit markets.

"We have good employment, we have good sound cities that have good financials," says Walden.

"The problem is people don't realize what good deals are out there and now is the time to buy," says Terri Nettles, a mortgage originator.

One piece of advice for homeowners: clean up your credit.

"Pay your bills on time," says Walden.

"If they have equity in their home, especially in today's economy is to consolidate some debt," says Glenn Preuss, a mortgage originator.

Because the market just got even more complicated, these brokers say now's the time to hire a mortgage specialist and not try to do it yourself.

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