Construction to begin in Alhambra Creek


No one is exactly sure what will happen when construction crews begin their work on Thursday along the shores of Alhambra Creek. The beavers lodge in the creek has been at the center of a lot of controversy and also a court room battle between the city of Martinez and beaver supporters. The final fight in court ended on Wednesday and the beavers and their supporters lost.

The beavers made their home in Alhambra Creek about 18 months ago. The city of Martinez claims that the beaver lodge weakened a retaining wall in the heart of downtown Martinez. That wall is important because it is supposed to prevent flooding in the event of any rain.

The city will now be able to go ahead with construction to reinforce the banks of the creek with steel plates because of a Contra Costa County judges ruling on Wednesday. A group supporting the beavers did not want to see that happen. They said ruling is disappointing and when construction starts on Thursday - there is no telling what will happen to that family of eight beavers.

"There is no telling how much of this vibration will impact them, whether they will awaken during this construction project, become entangled in it and injured as a result," said Linda Meza, Give a Dam.

Beaver supporters say when this construction begins they will be on hand with thermal imaging devices to keep an eye on the beavers to make sure that they are safe. The construction is expected to last three weeks.

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