Teacher sentenced for shooting boyfriend


Roxanne McWilliams, 50, was charged with pre-meditated and deliberate attempted murder of James Talley in their home on 2185 Redwood Road on Sept. 8, 2007.

Talley was shot three times as he was sleeping and twice more when he tried to get away from McWilliams, Napa police and the prosecution said.

McWilliams pleaded no contest in Napa County Superior Court Wednesday to assault with a deadly weapon, use of a firearm and causing great bodily injury, Chief Deputy District Attorney John Goold said. Judge Stephen Kroyer sentenced her immediately after her plea, Goold said.

Goold said McWilliams did not admit her guilt but because of the evidence against her, she elected not to go to trial and risk a longer prison sentence. Goold said McWilliams faced 40 years to life in prison if she were convicted of the attempted murder charges, along with weapons and bodily harm enhancements.

McWilliams was a teacher for 18 years at the Pueblo Vista Elementary School in Napa.

Talley was able to report the shooting to police. McWilliams was not at the home when police arrived but showed up a short time later and admitted shooting Talley, Napa police said.

Talley was in critical condition and was on a ventilator at Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa for a time after the shooting.

He returned to Texas after his recovery to face domestic violence charges.

Defense attorney Mervin Lernhart was not immediately available to comment on the plea and sentencing this morning. Goold said that, given all the circumstances of the case and the domestic violence issues involved, the plea and sentencing were appropriate.

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