Could volunteering help with weight loss?

The Social Cause Diet by Gail Perry Johnston

Did you know that volunteering and health are tied together? Evidence suggests that helping others may be as important to our physical well-being as regular exercise and proper nutrition!

Research indicates that volunteers have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression than those who do not volunteer.

While a typical diet increases our self-absorption as we scrutinize what we should eat and not eat, going on The Social Cause Diet takes us outside of ourselves and connects us to something greater.

The Social Cause Diet isn't really about losing weight, but that may happen. One volunteer featured in Johnston's book lost over 135 pounds due to the activity and fulfillment she received from her volunteer service!

Stories collected in The Social Cause Diet speak of the rich relationships, healing from deep hurts, gratitude, and increased life satisfaction resulting from serving others.

Also included is a simple personality to help people discover what types of service they would most enjoy doing.

The Social Cause Diet can be found at and online booksellers.

Lisa Ota, founder of SacredBite, shares Johnston's passion for seeing the bigger picture. The story she contributes to Johnston's book explains that pregnant women are the healthiest subpopulation in our world. Why? Because by caring for the life they carry, they also take better care of themselves! True health and well-being for us all will be achieved when we realize that serving others is the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves!

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